April 15, 2021

Garden Decorating Ideas To Follow 2020

You’re lucky if you have a garden, but what to do when you have a simple and boring fence and have no idea how to tweak it a little so it might look more colorful and beautiful?

Garden fence decoration ideas

1. Fence with bird feeder

If you want to decorate a wooden fence, “what could be nicer than decorating it with colorful birdhouses?”

2. Paint something

If you have artistic talent, why not create a painting? A tree like this or anything you can think of.

When people decide to take back a neglected and neglected backyard, they usually pass the job on to others entirely. Not this family. Carolyn, H├ęctor Llorens and their son John each designed important parts of it and looked at every detail. The result is a series of garden rooms that can be fun, relaxing, calm, or invigorating. Each outside area is connected to a room in the house and brings in the outside.

3. Vintage style fence

Framed fake windows, furniture, and some decorative items and the wall comes alive!

4. Beach fence

Do you love the beach, the sea and the tropics? Bring them to your garden. Do something like that.

5. Colorful butterflies explode

If you are particularly good at origami, this is a great way to decorate the fence. The only downside, however, would be the rain!

The big idea: The parking lot and the ugly garage had to disappear. He stepped into a formal orchard lined with clipped box trees and flanked on two sides by a garden shed and chicken coop. Removing the paving increased the permeability of the construction site. A new screened-in porch that replaced the garage provides a comfortable vantage point from which to watch what is going on outside.

6. Murals on the wall

And to the delight of kids, here’s a great idea to add a little “paint” to your wall. If you know how to draw, you can also follow the example of the famous Disney characters.

7. Cans on the fence

This is a creative idea – reuse some old cans, paint them a suitable color, and hang them on the fence wall for growing plants.

8. Hang the shoe garden on the fence

Here’s another great, but weird, way to upgrade your garden fences.

The details: Carolyn salvaged the garage windows and doors for the shed and chicken coop. The sloping ceilings and cedar slats match those of the house. The eco-friendly brownish-gray stain gave the cedar lamellar and plank cladding, which Carolyn said was “Lucille Ball’s hair color,” a naturally weathered look.

9. Let plants grow vertically

Have you ever thought about using the vertical space of fences? Here is an idea!

10. Wrought iron decorations.

Another great way to decorate your garden fence.

The Plants: John grows essential vegetables and herbs (tomatoes, peppers, pumpkin, cucumber, beans, and basil) along with flowers for added color. A climbing rose sprawls across the rooftop of the chicken coop while cute, rampant autumnal clematis soften the roof of the shed.

The big idea: Hector laid the existing box trees in a picket fence to create an attractive, easy-care garden room that serves as an extension of the living room.

11. Create a vertical garden

Most useful when you have a small garden. Many plants can grow in such wooden boxes.

12. Bottles to attract attention

Unique idea, although complicated!

13. Shadow boxes for storing pots

The plants: box trees and a pot full of sedum make a simple palette. A purple clematis vine placed over a tuteur to the right adds a touch of color.

The big idea: The aim was to create an open and quiet space next to the densely planted orchard that can be enjoyed both outside and inside.

Plants: Arborvitae and boxwood line the rectangular lawn. High hardwoods in the back give a mottled shade.

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