April 15, 2021

12 Best Decor Ideas That You Will Want to Copy

After such a long time, I’ve planned to be writing this post for about a year and I get asked about it regularly. WE ARE SORRY! We didn’t even go all the way around the house at once doing a baby-proof extravaganza and over time we could still sometimes decide that a closet needs to be child-proof, etc.We left certain cabinets and drawers exposed because Arlo likes to go through them. Now they are certainly not as organized as they were before Arlo, but I also don’t mind if he plays with certain drawers because if it means he stays there and is busy while I do my makeup in the bathroom or cook dinner, good of me.This post has gotten less relevant now that Arlo is more of a capable toddler than a baby, but I thought I’d share it now for those of you who provide baby safety!

Besides, every child is different. If Arlo climbed every piece of furniture in the house, or put everything it found in its mouth, we may have been more persistent with certain safety precautions, so this did exactly what worked for us!

the kitchen & dining area
Just before Arlo’s birthday party, he put his finger under the stove (for some reason our range has an accessible little gap that is perfect for little fingers) and burned his cute little fingers. So we immediately got a lock for the lower broiler area (which actually wouldn’t stop him, but he seems to have learned his lesson) and another lock for the oven door itself. The thing was a pain opening and closing the oven door , But it was worth it.

Of course, you have to lock wherever you keep your detergents. We keep them under the sink and put these locks on the cabinet doors. Opening it isn’t a huge pain. All you have to do is open the closet and click down – but you really feel safe. My brother has the kind of magnets they seem to like, but to me that seems like a headache that needs to explain another part.

For the dinette drawers, we’ve moved anything too fragile or special for Arlo to reach, but for the most part they’re all filled with serving utensils that he has access to. When he was younger he definitely opened up more and played with the drawers more, but it doesn’t fit as comfortably under the table these days, haha. The most accessible external drawers are usually filled with table linen!

For kitchen drawers, I gave him access to almost everything that was safe and rearranged a few drawers here and there. I put the Tupperware in one of the lowest drawers he could play with, pushed the serving platters higher, kept most of the cooking stuff, but moved all of the glass that measured things up a few months.

Main living areas
We locked the cabinets that house our TVs – here we use the same kitchen cabinet locks, they come in a big pack and you can use them throughout the house (gid installed them but due to a lack of discomfort they have not done this). It seems like a big deal to install. I also keep my printer in one of those cabinets that I actually don’t even use when it’s in the room because I don’t want it to remember it, hahah – this is a replacement printer after it broke the last one.

We have our large closet here with double doors so we decided to tie the doorknobs here with this thing. it worked well, i like that it is easy to get on and off.

We tried putting a rubber bumper on the edge of our coffee table, but Arlo spotted it within an hour and pulled it off immediately. So we discarded that idea. Luckily we have a round coffee table that seems like the safest shape you can go for, but ours is made of a thick rock that is a little scary. He popped his head in a couple of times and got some pretty gnarled goose eggs, but it is what it is. If I were really a paranoid Peter I’d probably swap it out for an ottoman for the next couple of years, but maybe if there is another baby. My best friend got this for her new baby and I love it !! (I’ve wanted to do an Ottoman roundup post for a while, I’m doing it, I’m doing it)

We have these little corner bumpers

We decided not to mount our TV cabinet because we felt it wasn’t big enough to topple over. However, if you have one, we will use it on our other furniture.

Obviously, plugs everywhere the perfect baby size are scary. We went through the house and put them inside.

I looked around for cute baby gate options for a long time before realizing they didn’t really exist, so I had my handyman build one for me. Our hallway is right across from our front door so I didn’t want an eyesore so I designed a modern look for it and I’m really glad I did (although it wasn’t cheap, with materials and labor that I spent over $ 500, which is obviously a much bigger investment than buying one for $ 60). We don’t even use it much now that he’s older, but we can use it on the next baby too and it looks so pretty!

Our bedroom
Although it looks incredibly precarious, you can still have a crooked mirror if you mount it on the wall! it moves a little when he plays with it, but it is securely mounted. We used the hardware that came with the mirror, but this is pretty much the same.

Again, our bedside tables came with furniture brackets, but they’re pretty much the same as this one.

his bedroom
With these furniture brackets we have installed an Arlos chest of drawers. and then I attached those little corner bumpers to the lower corners as he crawled around.


Cabinet doors
Our house had mirrored closet doors in both of the smaller bedrooms. We didn’t replace the guest rooms, but we did worry about the mirrors in the nursery when we were pregnant. The closet width was super big and we struggled to find something to replace it with. It didn’t cost a ton. So we decided to just remove the mirrors from the doors and keep using them. (We had our craftsman do it) The cabinet doors feel good and light even without a mirror! and i love how big the white surface is that we can show his art on 🙂

If you’re not using cordless sunglasses, you can use these to keep the cables out of reach. But we did the window treatments all over our house so we used the same wireless blackout curtains in all bedrooms. we love her.

the bath rooms
arlo went through a long streak of going through all of our bathroom drawers every day and destroying a lot of my makeup – but instead of locking the drawers we mostly just brought out things to deal with. When we renovate our bathroom, our new vanity takes more force to open the drawers and doors so that it kind of gives up, which is great.

We attached our tall storage compartment to the wall using the bracket that came with it, just a simple corner bracket like this one (since the bottom is kind of visible I just painted it white to fit into the wall – but when I went to get a picture I saw how that didn’t take long hahah)

So Arlo started throwing toilet paper rolls in the toilet for about 2 weeks, and I was seriously considering testing the toilets with a baby, but I really didn’t want to. I actually asked Instagram for recommendations but got nothing and he stopped playing around with it Luckily! but this one was highly recommended.


ok that’s all! I hope it helps. There are a million things that are child safe and I’m sure that they can absolutely drive you crazy – there are also so many different types of houses with all sorts of dangerous elements that we live in a relatively child safe house. My mom’s house, for example, is an old Spanish house with hard tile floors, stairs with child-friendly gaps in the railings, and 2nd floor windows that start at the floor – so obviously I’d do it if I made this house child-proof, probably one Call in experts and do a lot more lol. but for little our one-story house was all we needed!

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